2009 PL Camp Serving Ones

In the 2009 Conference in Poland(the Poland camp), in the mornings we had a wonderful fellowship and prayer about the camp and also about serving with the young people. We need to serve not just with a burden, but also with a vision, even the up-to-date vision in the Lord’s recovery, so that we all may be “on the same page”, one with the Lord and also one with one another in taking care of raising up a generation of young ones. This also means that we need a change in concept, a change in our way of serving – no longer in the defensive, but going on the offensive!

Below are the messages – in mp3 format – of the fellowship we had in the morning with brother Tom Goetz – you can download them with “right click + Save Target As” in Internet Explorer.

  1. Meeting 1 – the first morning;
  2. Meeting 2 – the second morning;
  3. Meeting 3 – the third morning;
  4. Meeting 4 – the fourth morning;
  5. Meeting 5 – the fifth morning;
  6. Meeting 6 – the sixth morning.

O Lord, continue to speak to us, renew us and take us on! We want to serve in Your way, being one with You in what You are doing today!

To view and download the messages and outlines from the 2009 Poland camp, visit this page.