One-day perfecting training for the serving ones, parents, and burdened saints

Dear saints, we would like to warmly invite you to join us for a one-day perfecting training  for the parents, serving ones, and burdened saints who have some feeling to care for the  young people in the churches in the UK.

When: Saturday 21st May
Where: The Corner Cottage, 8 Westwood Heath Road, CV4 8GP, Coventry, UK


11:00 to 12:30:                   Meeting 1

12:30 to 1:30                       Lunch

1:30 to 15:00                       Meeting 2

15:00 to 15:30                    Break

15:30 to 17:00                    Meeting 3

Cost: £5 (to cover printing and meal)

We hope to gather together the burdened saints on a regular basis throughout the year to dive into the ministry and the recent fellowship regarding the children and young people and also to spend some time to share one another’s situations and experiences and pray for one another.

We have recently enjoyed seeing that the emphasis of a genuine work with the young people is personal contact. Through this personal contact, the young people will be perfected and raised up to be our “co-workers” who have a normal living of preaching the gospel in their schools without us ever needing to set foot there.

We need to be aggressive and learn how to preach the gospel in a school without ever setting foot in the school. A brother serving with the young people in a locality should find out if there are any brothers or sisters in his target school…The co-worker must work on the young brother until the young brother is raised up. The co-worker should not go to the school; rather, he must work on a young brother until the young brother is more zealous and more serious about the work than the co-worker is. Thus, even if the co-worker would stop serving, the young brother would continue to believe and work. The work must become the young brother’s and no longer the work of the co-worker. Then the co-worker has achieved his goal. (Shepherding the Church and Perfecting the Young People, pp. 87-88)

May we all cooperate in this burden to pray and shepherd the young people with this view.

Registration: Register online for this time of training here.

Messages: you can listen to the messages via the SC Young People, at the Audio section – Audio / Fellowships and Trainings / 5. Serving Ones Trainings / 2011-03-05 Serving Ones Training – Irvine(download them from below),

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