Lessons on Children & Young People

Six lessons on the importance of the Children and Young People’s work were given Thursday 12th March through to Sunday 15th in London and Cambridge. These messages along with the outlines are now available to download. 

mp3icon_small Lesson 1  –  The Vision and Importance of the Young People
tiny-pdf-icon1Outline        Thursday Evening, Romford (D9)  

mp3icon_small Lesson 2  – Raising Up Seeds of the Gospel
tiny-pdf-icon1Outline       Friday Evening, Cambridge

mp3icon_small Lesson 3 – The God-Ordained Way is to Gain Households
tiny-pdf-icon1Outline      Saturday Afternoon, Borough (D5)

mp3icon_small  Lesson 4 – The Person, Living and Responsibility of the Parents
tiny-pdf-icon1Outline       Saturday Evening, Hendon(D6) 

mp3icon_small Lesson 5 – Sanctifying Ourselves for the Sake of the Children 
tiny-pdf-icon1Outline      Lord’s day Afternoon, Uxbridge (D10)

mp3icon_small Lesson 6 – Patterns for Fostering the Children and Young People
                           According to God’s Economy
tiny-pdf-icon1Outline      Lord’s day Evening, Kingston (D3)

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