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United Kingdom Parents Conference on March 15th 2014

Location: Bower House, Orange Tree Hill, Romford, RM4 1PB

Date: Saturday March 15th

Cost: £5 for outlines and lunch. Additional £3 for those staying for dinner. There is no charge for children attending the day apart from the cost of the meals. Meals are free for children under 4 and half price (£1.50) for children under 12.

Transport: Please make your own way to Bower House as there is no shuttle service for this event.

Registration: Registration is online –  the registration form is here.

Registration Deadline: Tuesday March 11th

More details and registration information

Young People Poland Conference 2012

This year’s Young People’s Poland Conference – the 2012 Poland Camp – has its registration open now!

The registration for the 2012 Poland camp is now open – the deadline May 20th 2012.

Please go to www.ypconference.eu for further information and registration.

The main flights we recommend which will have a good number of serving ones travelling with it and which will arrive and depart in time to coincide with the coaches from Krakow airport to the conference are:

Flights from London to Krakow on Lord’s Day 29th July:

  • 6:10 Ryanair from Stansted (currently £45.99)
  • 10:10 Easyjet from Gatwick (currently £86.99)

Flights from Krakow to London on Saturday 4 August:

  • 21:55 Ryanair to Stansted (currently £55.37)
  • 16:45 Easyjet to Gatwick (currently £91.99)
If booking a Ryanair flight for a young person under the age of 16

The easiest thing to do is to book them through the same reservation as an accompanying adult. If this is not possible, Ryanair have requested that we book them as an adult (i.e do not tick the under 16 question) and then phone Ryanair with the reservation number and passport details of the child and an adult who is flying on the same flight. If you do not know an adult who is travelling on that flight please email the passport and reservation details to us at ypconf@ukypw.org and we will arrange it for you. You can download the waiver form which needs to be signed by the parents and sent with the young person in case of any difficulties at the airport.

Other flights are available and may be more convenient from your locality/district but you should be sure that your arrival and departure coincide with the organised Krakow-to-conference coach for the sake of your enjoyment of the conference and to care for the transport serving saints in Poland. The flight should not arrive at Krakow later than 2pm on the 29th of July or fly out of Krakow earlier than 4.30pm on the 4th of August.

Do not purchase your flights until you have registered and your registration has been approved

We will send out more information closer to the time about travelling together to the conference and what to bring.

Winter School of Truth 2009

This year there are a limited number of places at the Winter School of Truth. Please make your application as early as possible.

Key Information
Subject: The Church – The Vision and Building Up of the Church
When: 12:00pm Monday, 28th Dec. – 2:00pm Saturday, 2nd Jan.
Where: Bower House, London, UK (map)
Who: Secondary school young people (school years 7 – 13) in the British system. This is approximately ages 11-18.
Cost: £60.00
Deadline: Registration is now closed, but if you would still like to come please email wst@ukypw.org

Further information >>