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BBQ End-of-Term Celebrations – May 16 and 23

The End-of-Term Celebration is a time to review and share our experiences of Christ over the past year. There will be the opportunity to share our top enjoyment of the Lord from the Bible studies, group meetings and conferences, both in the homes and on the university campuses.

This will take place after the Lord’s Day morning meeting and is open to students and all saints who have students in their home meetings or have some burden for the shepherding of university age young people.

The BBQ and End-of-Term Celebrations will take place in two locations:

  • May 16 in Charles Dickens School, Borough for all London districts apart from the north and west districts
    Please register with Newman Wang, Greenwich if you are planning to attend.
  • May 23 in Reading for Reading and the north and west London districts
    Please register with John Cheung, Reading before Saturday 15th May if you are planning to attend.

European Young People’s Conference, Poland, 2010

We are pleased to announce the 16th European Young People’s Conference in Poland. The conference will take place in Male Ciche, as in previous years, and will last for six days, from Lord’s Day 25th July to Saturday 31st July.

The conference is for young people currently in school years 8 to 13 (ages 13-19) and there is also a need for shepherds to care for the young people and for workers to help co-ordinate and carry out the many activities of this camp.

This year’s conference represents a dramatic departure from previous conferences as we strive to match the Lord’s burden to increase His testimony in Europe. Two conferences will be run simultaneously within the village of Małe Ciche. These two conferences will be based upon the ages of the young people with a younger and older conference. This will allow shepherding according to the capacities of each age group. This change will require an increase in saints willing to serve in many areas such as shepherding, translation, and practical service.

Key Information (for UK and Ireland)

When: 25th – 31st July 2010
Where: Male Ciche, Poland
Who: Young people in school years 8-13 (or equivalent)
Cost: £125
Registration: Initial registration is now closed.

Further information>>

If you have any questions please email Please do not book any flights until you have been approved following your initial application.

New Testament Reading Schedule

During the Winter School of Truth we set a goal for all the young people to read through the New Testament this year. Many young people have done very well to complete the reading set from the Truth School till April. Here is the NEW reading schedule from April 13th till the Poland Camp July 24th.